Meet the Staff

We understand that staff can often be very intimidating, but we don't mean to be! We're all very friendly, normal people just trying to help out and be a part of this awesome community, just like you! You can learn a little about each of us here, and if you see us in-game, dont be afraid to give us a wave!

Pugabyte   Owner

Preferred name: Puga
Birthday: 8/1/99 (20 years)

About me: I enjoy programming and administration. Ive played minecraft since Feb 2012, but have always been more excited about the community than the game. During the day, I'm a software developer at a payment processing company. I love pugs, pasta, and music

Filid   Admin

Preferred name: Filid
Promotion date: 11/21/15
Birthday: 3/26/84 (35 years)

About me: I played my first videogame at the tender age of 3, and I haven't stopped since. I'm old, mean, and proud of it. I tell the best stories, but only if you behave. This is my family, and do not touch them.

WakkaFlocka   Admin

Preferred name: Wakka
Promotion date: 2/21/18
Birthday: 8/10/97 (22 years)

About me: I enjoy programming and playing games, especially Minecraft! If you need redstone help, I'm your guy :P

Arbiter6784   Operator

Preferred name: Arby or Lachlan
Promotion date: 12/12/18
Birthday: 11/6/00 (19 years)

About me: Hi! I'm Arby and I'm from Australia! I've known some of the guys on this server for years and I love games, sports, video editing and Bear Nation! Say Hi if you see me online!

Blast   Operator

Preferred name: Blast
Promotion date: 12/12/18
Birthday: 10/14/99 (20 years)

About me: I'm a bit of an art and music nerd, so get me talking about either of those and you'll have a fun time!

GoddessOfNyx   Operator

Preferred name: Jenny
Promotion date: 9/8/17
Birthday: 1/2/00 (20 years)

About me: hoi. i'm jenny. i enjoy lots of things, gardening, coding, artistic things, and the rain. my favorite color is purple.

RavenOnACloud   Operator

Preferred name: Raven
Promotion date: 4/14/18
Birthday: 3/8/02 (17 years)

About me: Of Book Scent, A Touch of Depravity, and Magical Dust Clouds of Emotional Instability

Amixalot   Moderator

Preferred name: Amix
Promotion date: 3/14/19
Birthday: 1/15/90 (30 years)

About me: I like making cathedrals and love elytras! If it has more than smooth stone and half slab, Im out. When Im not in the game I enjoy cultivating my dad bod using a carefully selected combination of burgers, beer, and barbeque

AshsteadKey   Moderator

Preferred name: Ash
Promotion date: 11/1/19
Birthday: 6/21/00 (19 years)

About me: Just your friendly neighbourhood video game player over here. I love art and building weird things in minecraft. Also, I usually don't finish building things, thats a classic ash gamer strat.

Camaros   Moderator

Preferred name: Camaros
Promotion date: 12/30/17
Birthday: 12/11/95 (24 years)

About me: I love games, programming, and cars! My name comes from my favorite car!

lexikiq   Moderator

Preferred name: Lexi
Promotion date: 6/10/19
Birthday: 5/14/03 (16 years)

About me: I'm a minigame nerd and a Professional Girlâ„¢

Porkeroni   Moderator

Preferred name: Dom
Promotion date: 7/3/19
Birthday: 9/25/96 (23 years)

About me: Hey i'm Dominik. I enjoy making huge builds in Survival. I love catgirls and anything pink or rainbow! If you wanna be friends don't kill pigs in front of me :)

ThunderShock   Architect Meet me!  

Preferred name: Thunder
Promotion date: 8/26/17
Birthday: 11/1/00 (19 years)

About me: I consider myself an artist! I dabble in pen-art, music production, and, of course, building in MC! And no, my name has nothing to do with poke'mon...

Akhali   Builder

Preferred name: Bri
Promotion date: 7/13/19
Birthday: 2/16/00 (19 years)

About me: This is a UKF exclusive.

MaxAlex2000   Builder

Preferred name: Justin
Promotion date: 5/8/18
Birthday: 2/8/00 (19 years)

About me: Hello everyone! I prefer to build Medieval-style buildings and cities. And I love to decorate buildings. If you ever need help decorating, I'll gladly help. Finally, Max and Alex are the names of my cats. Not my real name.

Valilla   Builder

Preferred name: Val
Promotion date: 8/14/18
Birthday: 10/19/99 (20 years)

About me: Hi I'm Valilla but you can call me Thom, Val or V. My name comes from my inability to say the word 'Vanilla' - ordering ice cream is a struggle.